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Hafa Adai. “The Calvo-Tenorio administration is committed to improving customer service and one of the ways we are able to achieve this goal is through the use of technology by making government information available to you anywhere in the world at any time of day” says Governor Calvo. Over the next few weeks agencies will be making more and more government services available to Guamanians and you can find it all here at our mobile app center. We understand that easier more accessible information and services leads to better decisions and improves the quality of our lives, with mobile applications we can get there faster, quicker and provide this information on a medium that is openly accessible to all the world.

Land Information Mobile App

The First Step

The Mobile Land App is free and makes land related information available at no cost to you. Using this app you may view the street maps, landmarks, lot description, property size and land use zone.

We hope to have the iPhone app available in 2-3 weeks

Office of Technology

Implementing the Mobile Technology Architecture

Making mobile applications available to the public is the most direct means of getting information to the public. There are far more mobile device users in our community then desktop users, so we anticipate that there will be greater demand for more apps. With so much of today's innovations focused on mobile technology we see this as an exciting time for modernizing how we as a government disseminate information and provide services to the public. We hope you enjoy your experience in this GovGuam technology milestone

Multi-Agency Collaborative Effort


The Guam Land Mobile App is a multi-agency collaborative effort. Data sets from the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Department of Public Works, and Bureau of Statistics and Plans are used. The Office of Technology and Department of Land Management also participated in the planning and improvement of the LandApp.

“This multi-agency approach and partnership with private sector developers brought forth a product that addresses many needs for many users on one platform. The LandApp is an innovative tool born out of collaboration,” says Wil Castro, LandApp team leader who serves as Special Assistant to Governor Calvo.

Mobile apps covering transportation, weather, crime alerts, public health notices, parks, and commerce are also being considered.

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